05 October 2007

Inside the mind of a TV Guide stylist

Every few years you'll see modern advertising that's trying to invoke pinups of the past. Camel has done a lot of pinup art in their advertising, and mostly...? failed miserably. They did a calendar a few years ago that involved badly photoshopped versions of badly scanned Elvgren classics. When they've gotten their own illustrator to do original pinup paintings, the poses were awkward and the girls just didn't have that special spark. And they were too skinny. Natch.

In June 2003, at the height of Sex and the City popularity, TV Guide ran a special series of covers featuring the SATC girls as pinups. I saw it out of the corner of my eye at the checkout and was prepared to roll my eyes at the weak attempt, but when I picked one up and looked at it, I immediately recognized the vintage pinups they were emulating. Their stylist really captured the poses and expressions and lines and contrasts, while not copying 100% an actual painting. I was really impressed. The girls do look a *little* stiff, but they are pinups after all.

Next to each cover I'm showing the image I believe was the primary inspiration for the shot, although I do recognize elements from other, similar images as well. I'll spare you the details.

I've wanted to do this for awhile, and now this blog is the perfect excuse. Enjoy the SATC/pinup mashup!





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Edward said...

hi Brenda
thanks for this post
It was good to see these cover
but it also show photos can never really complete with a beautiful painting.
On a different tack, i remember a few years ago there was a photo of Britney Spears recreating a famous photo of Angie Dickinson.


Fabys said...

Hi Brenda!

Nice blog. Couldn't you be so kind and tell who's the artist of the right top picture in this post? I'm looking for all his works.

Thanks in advance. Ivan.

Brenda said...

You mean the picture that's labeled Elvgren? That would be by... Elvgren.