07 November 2007

getting ready for my close-up


Finally, a target date: the winner of the video contest will be announced by end of day Friday, November 9.

Also, likely unrelated (but who the hell knows) I'll be on Chicago Fox TV Friday morning 7-9 a.m., doing a live interview in my apartment, talking about my collection. Tune in to see me stutter and stammer. Or just to see half-nekkid ladies. Whichever.

Only 2 more days... stay tuned!

1 comment:

Louis Samuel said...

oh man, you've got some really amazing stuff here brenda!!

we've got a pin up gallery going too, where we talk about the social and political implications, and uses of certain pin ups. you really know your stuff.

love to have your opinions and criticism at youramericandollar.org

thanks for having such a righteous site! keep up the good work.